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    Safety razor

    The Oceonics razor is a good alternative to plastic (disposable) razor blades. The Safety razor looks great in any bathroom, and is also very durable and zero waste.
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    Sustainable Shaving: Environmentally Friendly and Sustainable Razor Blades

    If you shave on a daily basis, it's important to choose a sustainable and environmentally friendly solution. A disposable razor blade is not only bad for the environment, but also for your wallet. A sustainable razor blade is the solution for an eco-friendly and sustainable way of shaving. Read on to learn everything you need to know about sustainable shaving.

    Why choose sustainable shaving?

    A disposable razor blade is immediately thrown away after use, resulting in a huge amount of waste that is not recyclable and therefore harmful to the environment. On the other hand, a sustainable razor blade is reusable and lasts longer than a disposable razor blade. In addition, there are many eco-friendly razor blades available, made from sustainable materials without harmful substances.

    Sustainable razor blades

    There are several sustainable razor blades on the market that are both good for the environment and your wallet. Reusable razor blades are a sustainable option for daily shaving. These razor blades last longer than disposable razor blades, making them more environmentally friendly. Additionally, there are zero-waste razor blades made from sustainable materials, such as bamboo and stainless steel. These razor blades are not only sustainable, but also stylish.

    Sustainable shaving with a Safety Razor

    A safety razor is a sustainable alternative to disposable razor blades. These razor blades last longer than a disposable razor blade and are therefore better for the environment. Moreover, safety razors are suitable for both men and women and are easy to use. The only thing you need to replace are the razor blades, which can be replaced after use. A safety razor is an eco-friendly razor, a good alternative to disposable razor blades.

    Each year, millions of disposable razor blades end up in the trash. The majority of such a razor blade is made of plastic. Fortunately, there is an excellent replacement for these disposable razor blades, the safety razor.

    What is a safety razor?

    A safety razor is a safety razor blade, with a replaceable double-sided blade in the razor head. It is also called a double edge safety razor, double edge razor, or classic razor.

    A sustainable/green alternative

    The safety razor, also known as a safety shaver, is a sustainable razor. The holder is made of stainless steel and lasts a long time. The only thing that needs to be replaced are the individual blades, also called razor blades.

    For first use

    The Oceonics safety razor is shipped without blades in the holder. Before use, this blade must be placed. This is very easy by unscrewing the handle of the razor blade from the razor head. The blade can now be placed between the two parts of the razor head. The double edge razor blades are extremely sharp, so be careful and hold the safety razor blade by the side! Then the handle can be screwed back onto the razor head and the razor blade is ready for use.

    How to shave with a safety razor

    Shaving with a safety razor for the first time is, like most first times, an adjustment. It may be wise to sit down for the first time to find a good posture. Take your time for the first time.

    Then the shaving can begin! First, moisten the skin with water and apply shaving soap or conditioner to the skin. Then place the razor blade at a 30-degree angle on the skin and move the razor blade with short strokes over the skin. It is not necessary to apply pressure.

    Cleaning the razor

    After each use, the safety razor must be cleaned. This is easy by loosening the handle slightly, which creates space between the two parts of the razor head. You can then rinse the razor head under the tap. Then let the razor blade dry thoroughly.

    Benefits of a safety razor

    In addition to reducing (plastic) waste, there are other benefits to using a safety razor.

    Because the safety razor only contains one (razor sharp) blade, only one razor goes over the skin. With disposable razors, three or more blades can shave the skin at once and damage it.

    The safety razor blade is sharp and cuts hair effortlessly, minimizing skin damage and preventing razor burn.

    The purchase of a safety razor may seem expensive at first, but compared to using disposable razors, a safety razor is (much) cheaper in the long run. The purchase of the safety razor is a one-time investment and refill blades are cost-effective.

    Here are some tips for shaving with a safety razor:

    • Hold the razor at a 30-degree angle.
    • Shave in the direction of hair growth.
    • Keep your hands dry during shaving to maintain control.
    • Regularly replace the safety razor blade to prevent skin irritation.
    • Do not apply pressure while shaving, let the razor do the work. The weight of the razor head is enough pressure on the skin. Applying too much pressure can cause cuts and wounds.

    Recycling the blades

    The razor blades are easily recyclable and can be turned in at scrap metal collection points after use. If there is no collection point nearby, you can dispose of the safety razor blades with your household waste. Be sure to wrap the blades in a piece of paper for safety. At the waste processing facility, these blades are separated from regular waste using a magnet.

    Safety razors at Oceonics

    The Oceonics razor is available in various colors: anthracite, chrome, and rose gold. The rose gold color is available in two models. The "round" model has rounded corners on the shaving head and a ribbed handle for better grip during shaving. Safety razor blades are also available for purchase at Oceonics, sold in packs of 5 and 50.

    Give your safety razor a nice spot in your bathroom by placing it in a matching stand. This way, the razor stands freely, takes up little space, and can dry well. If you want to take your Oceonics razor with you when traveling, the safety razor cover is very handy!

    Tip: The safety razor, holder, and cover make a great safety razor set to give as a gift.

    If you also want to buy a safety razor but have questions, don't hesitate to send us a message.

    If you are as satisfied with the Oceonics safety razor as we are, please let us know in a safety razor review.




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