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    Amazinc! Natural Sun care

    Enjoying the sun? With this sustainable sun protection you got yourself covered! They protect your skin against the bright sun and the oceans against pollution. Because these products don't contain the poisonous oxybenzone and are therefore reef safe!

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    UV radiation

    Whether you're lying on the beach, sitting on a terrace, or taking a pleasant walk, your skin is exposed to sunlight all year round. Sunlight has several benefits, such as producing vitamin D, but it also has some unpleasant side effects. UVA radiation causes skin aging, penetrates through clouds and glass, and is therefore present even when the sun is not shining. UVB radiation causes the skin to burn. Furthermore, both types of radiation can cause skin cancer. Therefore, always use natural sunscreen, even when the sun is not shining.

    What is natural sunscreen?

    Natural sun protection is an organic sunscreen that does not contain, for example, perfume and alcohol. Natural sunscreen is a sunscreen without chemical filters and chemical additives, a "sunscreen without junk". That also means that natural sunscreen does not contain chemical filters, but rather uses mineral filters, a mineral sunscreen.

    Natural sunscreen for the face

    The skin on the face is more sensitive than the rest of the body and therefore deserves extra attention. Choose a natural sunscreen with a higher SPF, preferably SPF30 or SPF50. These offer the highest protection against the harmful UV rays of the sun.

    Zero Waste sunscreen

    Zero waste sunscreens are designed to minimize the impact on the environment. They are usually packaged in sustainable materials and can be recycled or reused.

    Sunscreen without alcohol

    Many conventional sunscreens contain alcohol, which can cause skin irritation and dryness. Natural sunscreen is alcohol-free and often contains nourishing ingredients to hydrate and soothe the skin.

    Sunscreen without perfume

    Perfume can be irritating to the skin, especially if you have sensitive skin. Natural sunscreen is free of synthetic fragrances and uses natural fragrances such as essential oils to create a subtle pleasant scent.

    Sunscreen without perfume and alcohol

    For people who are sensitive to both alcohol and perfume, there are natural sunscreens that avoid both ingredients and instead use gentle moisturizing and natural ingredients.

    What are chemical filters?

    Many sunscreens contain chemical filters. The best-known chemical sunscreens are oxybenzone, avobenzone, and octocrylene, but there are more. Sometimes they are listed on the packaging by their chemical name. Chemical filters penetrate the skin, absorbing the UV radiation from the sun.

    What is oxybenzone?

    Oxybenzone protects your skin from harmful rays by penetrating the skin and absorbing the UV radiation. This also means that the substance ends up in the body and can mimic hormones. The chemical substance is increasingly associated with problems such as early puberty, poor sperm quality, and hormone-related cancers.

    It is clear that this chemical compound is not healthy for humans. Oxybenzone also causes damage to nature. Oxybenzone is very harmful to marine life. If it comes into contact with coral, it fades and can die. On some beaches, it is even forbidden to apply sunscreen with chemical filters to protect the coral there. To indicate how harmful oxybenzone is, the Environmental Working Group (EWG) gives oxybenzone an 8 out of 10 on the toxicity scale. Oxybenzone is one of the most toxic substances used in the cosmetic industry.

    What are avobenzone and octocrylene?

    Avobenzone is a good UVA protector. However, avobenzone is very unstable and can cause skin irritation. To ensure that avobenzone does not break down under the influence of sunlight, other substances are added. Octocrylene is an example of this. Octocrylene may form free radicals, and many skin irritations are seen, especially in children. Studies show that Octocrylene also disrupts hormones.

    What are mineral filters?

    Instead of chemical filters, we advise choosing a sunscreen with mineral filters. Examples of mineral filters are titanium dioxide and zinc oxide. These sun filters create a layer on the skin and reflect the harmful radiation instead of absorbing it. This protects your skin well against harmful radiation. Natural filters do not penetrate the skin, so the chance of skin irritation is very minimal. Do you suffer from eczema or other skin irritations? Then definitely try a natural sunscreen product. Another important advantage of mineral filters is that they are not harmful to the environment.

    Do mineral filters cause a white cast?

    'In the past', sunscreens caused a visible white cast on the skin. Nowadays, sunscreens are developed in such a way that there is hardly any cast visible. It is important to apply the sunscreen well and not to apply a very thick layer all at once. To avoid a white cast, producers use nano-particles of a sun filter.

    What are nano-particles?

    Nano-particles are very small particles of a substance (in this case, the sun filter) and have properties that differ significantly from the original material. Nano-particles of titanium dioxide can cause cancer if ingested or inhaled. Amazinc! makes sunscreen products without nano-particles.

    Note: Non-nano titanium dioxide is not carcinogenic, this only concerns inhaled and ingested nano-particles.

    Natural after sun

    After a long day in the sun or if you have still sunburned, a natural after sun helps your skin recover and calm down. An after sun cools and contains nourishing ingredients so that your skin feels supple again.


    Amazinc! is the sunscreen brand available at Oceonics. Amazinc! was founded in 2015 with the vision of producing a completely natural sunscreen that is not only functional but also gentle on the skin and the environment. Amazinc! was founded by a group of surfers and snowboarders who like to spend their time in nature - whether it's in the ocean or in the mountains. Their mission is to produce products that are natural - products that we can consume for years without harming the environment and our planet. The products from Amazinc! are plastic-free, made from natural ingredients, and reef safe (a sunscreen without oxybenzone and therefore safe for coral and marine life). The products of Amazinc! do not contain alcohol, perfume, and microplastics. Amazinc! is a sustainable sunscreen, the packaging is made of aluminum, which is easy to recycle.

    The range of Amazinc! is very diverse. The mineral sunscreen is an oil-based sunscreen, great as an extra care for the skin. The mineral sunstick and sunblocks protect the sensitive parts of the face and are extremely water-resistant, making them ideal for water sports enthusiasts. But these products are also widely used by winter sports enthusiasts. The mineral butter is a great sunscreen for the face and can be worn under makeup. The Amazinc! Splash is a natural after sun. This cools and cares for the skin in a natural way.

    Do you want advice on the products of Amazinc!? Then please contact us, we are happy to help.



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